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Happy Navratri

Seemee Kakkar welcomes you on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.Navratri is considered to be one of the most popular festivals in Hinduism and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in India.This festival is celebrated for nine days which shows the victory of good over evil and is dedicated to Maa Durga and her nine avatars.

Navratri is a combination of two words, “Nav” means nine and “Ratri” means night. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm twice a year. Once in the month of Chaitra (March-April) and once in the month of Ashwin (September-October).

In Navratri, happiness is expressed by dances like Garbha and Dandiya and is celebrated with full gratititude .People wear colorful clothes also.

These days are divided into three parts. The first three days are for Durga Puja, which destroys evil and protects the universe. In the next three days Lakshmi is worshipped, who supports wealth, prosperity and luck. Last three days are for the worship of Saraswati which is for knowledge and education.During Navratri people keep fast and pray for their protection from Mother Goddess. Many people also do puja these nine days for their bright future.These days traditional food is enjoyed.

These days’ people make sabudana khichdi, kuttu ki roti, singhare pakore and halwa and different types of chips and other dishes.At last Navratri is said to be a festival of happiness, spirituality and celebration.May the Goddesses bless everyone with health, wealth and prosperity.

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